Let's Win This Race

This Fundraising Race Is On!

With the Olympics taking place in Rio, I’m in my own race…a fundraising race! Want to join my team?

Although we all have a general call to love immigrants (Deuteronomy 10:19), God has specifically called me to befriend and empower international women and their families in St. Louis. Until recently, I’ve assisted them in a part-time capacity by helping them learn our culture, teaching them how to drive, leading Bible studies, etc. However, our immigration population is quickly growing and the need is great!

To become a full-time worker among internationals, I must raise $1075 per month by the end of August. Will YOU give now to make St. Louis (and the U.S.) a more welcoming place and to share the Good News with those who hunger for peace, healing, and hope?

Pick BRONZE, SILVER, or GOLD and go to easytithe.com/interface to make a secure gift. Once you’ve set up your account for scheduled giving, select “Vast-Binder” from the “Choose Fund Below” drop-down menu. Thanks for helping win the race!

The Second Week Begins!